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How to Generate a Productive Office Playlist with Your Team

Let’s face it: no one wants to sit in silence at the office. We turn to music when we’re feeling a little low and need a mood booster, or when we’re feeling happy and want to keep the good vibes going. Instead of having everyone plug into their own headphones, here at BRND House we like to have a playlist going on a speaker so that everyone can enjoy the tunes together.

We love to have a mix of genres playing in order to keep spirits up while also encouraging collaboration in the office. Music sets the tone for our work, so picking the right beats, rhythms, and artists are extremely important to ensure that our work environment has a perfect pitch.

Make it lively.

Create a pleasant vibe in the office by choosing uplifting tunes with inspirational lyrics, catchy beats, and steady tempos. A lively playlist will reflect well in everyone’s mood and lift their spirits. Try to find that happy medium between sad ballads and rowdy EDM!

Keep it PG-13.

Try to ensure that lyrics aren’t too offensive or distracting. After all, we know that the style of music has a huge influence on our mood and behavior, so it’s better to play it safe and stick with the clean versions. Avoiding songs with expletives and offensive language will make everyone feel more comfortable and less distracted.

Mix & match.

It can start to get a little monotonous if you’re only playing one genre. Play some different types of music can help to keep things interesting! Mix and match with different eras, genres, and rhythms to keep people excited for the next song.

Throw in some classics.

It can be difficult to please everyone when it comes to music, but there are some songs out there that most everyone agrees is a classic. Who doesn’t love a good TBT? Don’t be shy - ask around the office for some of your coworker’s favorite throwback songs and try to mix them in for a fun and nostalgic surprise.

Need inspiration?

There are plenty of pre-made playlists available online using YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music (choose your favorite platform). Select your favorites from these playlists and create your own, or simply press shuffle and enjoy!


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