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Working Out of Multiple Offices Efficiently

Working out of multiple offices can get complicated. It requires significant amounts of organization, set processes, and constant communication between all parties involved. At Hannah Schneider Creative, our offices are split between Nashville and New York City. Wondering how we work collaboratively and efficiently between dual work spaces? We’ve outlined a few tips for working in unison between multiple offices.

Schedule a daily conference call.

By having the entire team recap what they are working on each day, it keeps everyone on the same page and up-to-date with what each office and team member is working on. 

Use a project management software.

We prefer Basecamp, which conveniently allows us to assign tasks and communicate individually or as a team with ease. Management can see what each team member is working on and monitor the progress of assignments or projects.

Frequent Communication.

This goes beyond a daily conference call. Take advantage of all of the forms of communication today’s technology offers by regularly emailing, texting, skyping, pinging, calling, DMing… you get the picture. Regardless how you are communicating, managers must make sure they are giving clear direction so that someone 950 miles away understands the tasks at hand.

Create Structure.

Whether it is submitting hours at the end of every week or recapping the day’s work in an end of day email, structure is key to ensuring that remote employees or employees split between multiple locations feel like they are in a productive work routine. Put systems in place so that clear responsibilities, boundaries and authorities are established.

While working from multiple offices can raise certain challenges, work can efficiently get accomplished by implementing structured processes and communicating frequently. It is important to ensure that the needs of all locations are met and that individuals are able to seek the resources necessary to be successful in their positions.


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