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How to Bond With Your Coworkers

Work is a place where you spend majority of your week, usually 40 hours at the very least. Since it’s inevitable that you are going to be in the office on the regular, it’s important to bond with your colleagues to help create a more enjoyable experience and work environment. 

At BRND, we find the time to bond and it has helped bring us closer together as a team. Here are some tips on how to bond better with your work buds:

Pick someone to have lunch with twice a week. Pick two days a week to go out and have lunch with two people you work with. Enjoy some leisure time over a meal to get away from office stress while getting to know your colleagues. 

Schedule a monthly happy hour for the whole team. Once a month, a different member of the team can schedule a happy hour. We suggest work not being discussed, so the team can enjoy their time and discuss different topics.

Show support for out of the office activities. Many people have hobbies outside of work and it would be a great gesture to show interest and support. For example, if one of your colleagues plays in a band, go see them perform. Or, if someone teaches a yoga class, go take the class to show support.

Exercise Together. Pick someone or a few people from your team to work out with after work whether it’s a yoga class, a cycle class or just a walk. It’s a great way to bond while being healthy!

Get to know your team members. Getting to know your team members as a whole is essential in bonding. Find out what foods they like, what hobbies they have, what books they are reading, and what shows they enjoy watching. This will give everyone more talking points and allow for conversation. 


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