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What Sets BRND Apart From Other Agencies

When looking for an agency to manage an aspect of your company that you either do not have time to invest in or do not have the skill set to execute successfully such as public relations, marketing, or photography, what matters most? Is it that the company is global with over 5,000 employees worldwide? Or is it company culture, building relationships, and establishing trust with the team you are letting run a portion of your business?

Alternatively, if you are a job seeker looking to put your skills to work at an agency, how do you evaluate what is important to you? Is it opportunities to work with big brands in a larger community feel? Or is it the ability to spearship your own independent strategy with more responsibility and larger roles in projects? 

At BRND House, an agency based in Nashville with clients also in New York City and Pittsburgh, you get small town feels with a big city voice. We love our small agency vibe because every single person plays an incremental role. You know every day that your work matters, you are making contributions that you will see come to fruition, which isn’t always the case at larger agencies. The best part about working with a smaller agency is knowing you will get the individualized attention and commitment that you signed up for, whereas bigger agencies may spread themselves too thin between larger projects. Trusting relationships and frequent communication are added bonuses to working with BRND.

Better yet, the talented team at BRND consists of hospitality experts and culinary specialists. With attention solely on the hospitality industry, the marketing and public relations gurus you are investing in are in tune and ahead of the curve in all things hospitality. Oftentimes, other agencies do not specialize in a niche industry and therefore, they are not as well ingrained in your own industry. We’re scouting chefs, dining at the latest restaurant openings, and snapping behind the scene photos at the hottest F&B event of the year… so let’s just say we have you covered. 

As an employee at BRND, you feel like you are part of a well-knit, hardworking family. Everyone is on the same page with common interests (food, duh) and we’re all after the same goal. We’re here to make our presence known, we may be small… but we have a mighty voice and produce topnotch work. Our upbeat environment and high-performance standards resonate through our relationships with clients and the work we produce for them. Both employees and clients benefit from our hard-working mentality and determination for excellence.

So what sets BRND apart from other agencies? We may be small, but we have a big voice. Each employee is a main contributor and plays an important role in meeting client goals and expectations. We never stop working to achieve our goals and surpass expectations. We’re specialists in the hospitality industry and experts in PR and marketing. We’re here to up your digital game and help your business grow.


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