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The Remote Worker's Guide to Returning to the Office 

After months of working from home, many of us are eagerly looking forward to heading back to the office, catching up with work friends, and raiding the staff kitchen. Still, returning to an office environment can feel chaotic and overwhelming during these uncertain times. In order to hit the ground running, here are a few tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

Set a Routine

Bring any newfound productivity skills you developed while working from home into the office! If you typically spend the first hour of your day catching up on emails and completing simple tasks, stick to that. Try blocking out time to catch up with colleagues, while also setting aside time for yourself. To stick to your schedule and maintain your productivity while remaining focused in the potentially hectic office, make sure to communicate your new routine to your colleagues.

Make Yourself at Home

Returning to the office means losing access to the home conveniences that we’ve all grown accustomed to. To ease the transition and make your work area feel more comfortable, try personalizing your space; bring your favorite mug, add some photos, or use noise-canceling headphones. Small adjustments to your workspace can have a big impact, helping to ease the adjustment and create a happier work environment.

Make the Psychological Switch

Returning to the 40-hour, in-person work week, will take some getting used to, and feeling stressed or anxious about your impending return is inevitable! To minimize your stress, prioritize your mental health by practicing self-care. Go to bed early, exercise daily, start a new book, and take advantage of the resources and support systems that your office may offer. We will all get through this tumultuous period together!

Maintain strong communication

Working from home required many of us to step up our game in terms of communication. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and countless others became crucial to the workday, and keeping up with emails became more important than ever. While technology may no longer be necessary for direct access to your colleagues, continue to maintain strong communication by checking in with your coworkers regularly. Good communication creates a more efficient, stress-free work environment, and chatting with work friends is likely a welcome change from chatting with your laptop.

Adjust to New Safety Regulations

The pandemic has changed almost every aspect of the way we interact with public spaces, and the office is no exception. Embrace any new office social distancing rules, masks, and sanitation standards, and don’t be afraid to communicate with fellow employees about any questions or concerns you might have regarding these changes. Creating a clean and safe work environment should be your company’s number one priority, and that can start with people like you!


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