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BRND House’s 5 Favorite Editing Apps Blog

Social media is all about visuals. If you enjoy posting photos to platforms like Instagram or Facebook, and are looking for new applications with which you can rework or polish up your images, here are our five top recommendations.

1. Adobe Lightroom: This app offers a plethora of options to revise your photos. While Adobe usually caters to those who take their photo editing more seriously, first-time users can use the basic capture, sharing, and organizing Lightroom features for their everyday picture-taking and editing needs, producing beautiful, professional-looking pictures as a result.

2. VSCO: If you’re looking for a more laidback approach, turn to this trendy and popular app for your photo editing. VSCO processes the photos you upload to your personal in-app Studio and recommends several filters that best suit your image. An added plus; for those of you who are tired of Boomerangs, the VSCO app offers a fun and unique alternative: the DSCO filter. This feature allows you to capture a moment in time and turn it into a slow-moving image, similar to a GIF.

3. MOJO: This is a user-friendly app that allows you to create visually appealing and fun Instagram stories with ease. The app offers hundreds of different templates to begin with, all of them editable, as well as countless text styles. When you’re done creating, the app allows you to share the finished product to your desired social platform. Overall, MOJO is enjoyable to use, which is a huge perk when it comes to the often tedious task of editing photos.

4. TouchRetouch: This app is good for removing unwanted details from your photos. For only $2, users of Retouch are allowed access to a variety of features that aim to help you declutter your images. Whether it’s a small or glaring element that needs erasing, tools such as Line Removal, Segment Removal, Lasso, and Quick Brush allow you to easily fix anything undesirable in your photos, from background details to facial blemishes.

5. Foodie: If you enjoy using VSCO, this app is a must-download. The app offers a unique perk: in-app photography. Foodie allows you to take photos while simultaneously adjusting the filter, which allows you to get a feel for the different ways in which each filter affects the lighting before snapping your image. While the title may fool you, Foodie doesn’t only cater to those who believe “the phone eats first”, it also appeals to selfie-lovers as it offers a wide array of filters for any kind of image.

Next time you need to modify a picture before you post, give any one of these apps a try. While each one of them caters to different editing needs for the everyday photo fanatic, any one of them will help ensure your photo is the best it can be and ready to share.


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