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Why Goal Setting is Important

Goals Get You Motivated

Without realizing what you are working towards, it can be difficult to be motivated to work hard. When you don’t feel a sense of purpose or have a plan, you tend to not want to put forth much effort because you don’t see what that effort is going towards. Goals give you a desired outcome to work towards that give you the motivation you need to really work hard.  

Goals Keep You on Task

When you don’t have an end result in mind, it can become very easy to become distracted and waste time during the day going between various tasks and to-dos. Goals provide you with a finish line that you are trying to hit so you stay focused and on task while you’re working instead of wasting time throughout the day.

Goals Help You Measure Progress

Setting goals give you something to work towards for that month, quarter, or year. They also give you the opportunity to look back after that time to evaluate your progress. You can see if you met your goals or not and assess how your goals should change for the next period. Over time, this will help you measure your progress and effectiveness in your role.

Goals Help You Achieve More 

Most of the time, we don’t realize our actual potential in our roles and are selling ourselves short. When you’re setting goals, you’ll see over time the goals that you are meeting with ease and be able to aim higher for the next period. Before you know it, your higher goals will lead you to be achieving more than you could’ve ever imagined for yourself.  So set goals, you’ll be better off from it! 


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