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We Tried Captiona

You know that scene in nostalgic high-school movies, where the handsome jock is attempting to write a book report, or a history paper and he just can’t find the words?  He lays down on his bed, grabs his retro headphones, wads up his latest attempt at the assignment and tosses it towards the trashcan.  There’s a pile of rejected drafts a mile-high cluttering the corner of his room…

Well, this scene is the perfect example of old-fashioned writer’s block.  Everyone can relate to the struggle of that teenager.  Whether it was a term paper in college, a cover letter for that dream job, or a love note to a middle school crush, at some point all writers have been at a loss for words.  Even the greats struggled with writer’s block from time-to-time.  Ernest Hemmingway, Jack Kerouac and Carrie Bradshaw all had their moments of “What’s next?” and developed their own methods of getting over the hump. 

We live in a world where social media is king and Instagram profiles are the new “yellow pages.” Therefore, it’s important to keep your content fresh, fun and creative.  Though an Instagram caption isn’t a romance novel or a classic piece of literature, it’s still wildly important.  Writer’s block can strike no matter how many characters you’re given.  Luckily, the app Captiona (2016), was produced to solve all caption creativity troubles.  Here are a few highlights we found from giving the app a try!

How It Works – Captiona is extremely user-friendly and helpful for all social media needs – no matter how often or how infrequently you’re posting.  The app allows you to plug in a word or phrase that relates to your post (i.e. “coffee”).  Then, it generates dozens of captions based on your keywords.  You can copy and paste the captions as you please and “favorite” different options, too.  Even if you don’t find the perfect choice, the endless list of phrases is sure to give you the creative boost needed to think of something brilliant! 

Why It Works – Whether you’re posting on your personal platform or for a client, it’simperative to avoid redundancy in your captions.  Captiona is the perfect tool to avoid becoming repetitive with your words – especially when all of your content focuses on the same category of things.  Another perk of the app is that it allows you to find a “voice” that wouldn’t come to you naturally.   For example, if you manage the social media page for a sports bar but you’ve never stepped foot on a field or court of any kind, Captiona allows you to think like a sports enthusiast and find the perfect phrase to tack onto your photo. 

Why You Should Give It A Try  – Captiona is a great way to explore your own creativity and add some pizzazz to your social media platforms.  Whether you’re serious about your Instagram game or you post once every three months, Captiona can boost your online presence in a major way.  Social media content is all about self-expression and individuality – so why not make your captions just as special?  Outside of the social media world, it never hurts to build your vocabulary.  Captiona really is a win-win! 


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