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The Ultimate Dictionary of PR Terms

If you walk into a public relations firm, not only will you see people typing away on computers and talking to clients, you’ll also hear an entirely new vocabulary. Before you start a career at a PR firm, make sure you know these terms. 

Publicist: a person responsible for publicizing a product, person or company

PR Timeline: a set list of plans and monthly pitches

Boilerplate: a brief description of the company, usually found at the end of a press release

Pitch: a suggested story idea sent to journalists, and it can include photos and ends with a call-to-action

Press Release: an announcement about your client, usually an opening or event

Media Alert: a one-page announcement of an upcoming event sharing details such as the who, what, where and when

Lead Time: time an editor needs prior to story publish date

  • Short lead time: days to couple of weeks

  • Long lead time: three to six months

Media Kit: a package that includes a publication’s editorial calendar, ad rate and circulation

UVM: unique visitors a month for a website

Press Clip: when a client is featured in a publication


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