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How to Revamp a Client's Social

We’ve all been there – you get a new client and their social account is a hot mess. You see no way to smoothly shift from the chaos to a well-formatted and on-theme page, but there are a few tricks that can help ease the transition. 

Start with seeing what posts worked well for them in the past. For example, if you notice photos with a certain color scheme or mood produced a lot of likes or comments, use that style for a while to make their page appear cohesive without a sudden obvious change in direction. Another example is a music venue that posts only pictures of posters for upcoming shows or events. Keep posting this style but slowly start throwing in photos of the venue, people at shows or the stage during concerts to ease out of their previous style. 

Look at analytics from different social media platforms to see who the audience is, which posts have done the best in the past, what times are best for posting to your followers, etc. For example, if you’re a nonbinary brand who has 80% female followers, find a way to change your voice to reach more men. Expanding your audience this way will naturally grab more attention and new followers/likes. Additionally, making audience-driven content through specific posting times is helpful. If your followers are most active at 5pm on weekdays, then make sure you’re posting during that time. 

Considering recent trends is a great way to set up the framework for a social media takeover. Right now, pictures of food/drinks from above is trending along with high resolution short videos. Looking into trending post styles can be as easy as a Google search or news feed browse. Knowing the current trends and applying them to future posts can help bring your client into the times. 


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