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5 Ways To Grow Your Social Audience

Around the BRND House office, “Social media and marketing never sleep” is a commonly used phrase, and it holds true. Every day, social platforms grow and evolve, leaving behind old techniques and styles and moving onto new ones. Keeping up can be tough but taking a few steps to prepare for the future can help. We’ve come up with five easy tricks to bring your accounts into the new year. 

Proper Tools-

A carpenter is nothing without their tools, and social media works the same way. Stepping into 2019, there are hundreds of apps that exist to help spice up your photos, set up posts for the future or help create hashtags and captions. Whether you’re a business owner or social media account manager, sometimes you need that extra hand in getting fresh content out on a regular basis. 

Reflecting on the Past-

Even though we love the theme of ‘new year, new me’, there are certain take-away’s from 2018 that should be considered as we prepare our accounts for 2019. Comparing posts from 2018 with high engagement levels and seeing their commonalities can be an enlightening experience. What do these posts have in common that could have brought them attention? Are there certain hashtags used, color themes or content themes that connect all of your noteworthy posts? Spending some serious time looking back can help you plan for the year ahead. 

Pick a Theme-

In looking at some of the highest followed profiles, one thing that always exists is some type of theme. Whether it be a consistent color scheme, a recurring mood or a photo shape/filter, there is something that makes you want to scroll. The more time you can keep your audience captivated on your page, the more you’ll be placing yourself in their brains. 

Customer Service through Social Accounts-

As we move farther into the future, more consumers are partial to reaching out through social media platforms for questions or concerns. This is a great opportunity to show customers commitment by responding promptly. This will not only give your business/profile a positive reputation for customer service, but it ensures the customer will go back on your page every time they want to contact you. Any excuse to get them looking at your page is adding more engagement. 

Multiple Platforms-

The math all adds up--the more internet presence you have, the greater the outreach. Using multiple platforms is one way to do this without being overbearing to your audience. Not only can you have multiple platforms, but you can advertise for your other platforms through your accounts. Reference your blog on your Instagram, share your Instagram posts on your Facebook page, etc. 


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