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5 Instagram Story Hacks You Need to Try

Need to freshen up your Instagram game? IG stories are the most effective way to share what you are working on or experiencing daily. By making every post unique, your followers will want to engage more. There are many ways to utilize IG stories, but we find these 5 tips to be the most useful:

1. Crop Before Posting

Keeping the quality of photos is essential. Sometimes IG stories can become pixeled and ruin your brand image. By cropping a photo in your camera roll prior to importing in Instagram, the photo is much sharper.

Try for yourself:

         - Open your camera roll

         - Crop selected photo to 9:16

         - Upload to IG Story

2. Hide Tags

Maintaining an aesthetically pleasing story is always the goal. When tagging accounts or using hashtags it can easily become cluttered. Clean it up by using tags without having them visible, here’s how:

         - Resize any tag by pinching your fingers.

         - Simply swipe off the screen.

         - This will appear in the tagged persons' direct messages allowing them to repost your content.

3. Boomerang with a Live Photo

Forget to take a boomerang? Instagram stories allow you to take a live photo and turn it into a boomerang with 1 easy step:

     - Hold down on the live photo for a few seconds until the word “Boomerang” appears.

4. Collage in Stories

Have you ever wanted to post multiple photos in your Instagram story without using an external app? Here’s a way to take photos directly from your Camera Roll and put multiple on one story:

         - Choose your background of choice.

         - Go to your camera roll and select a photo.

         - Click the “export” button, now tap “copy” and go back to your Instagram story.

         - Select the pop up “add sticker”.

         - You can add up to as many photos as you would like.

5. Unlimited Color Options

You want to maintain your brand’s tone throughout your day to day stories and this trick has made that task simpler. Instagram has default colors available to you, but there is a wider variety accessible:

         - Select the brush tool.

         - Tap and hold any of the default color options at the bottom of the screen.

         - A color slider appears, and you can choose any shade you want.

Trends are constantly changing, and you always want to be in the know. Take these 5 simple IG story hacks and enhance your brand’s daily image. Happy  ‘gramming!


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