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Importance of Building Relationships with Media and Influencers

As publicists, networking with media and influencers is a very important part of the job. PR isn’t just about writing and distributing pitches; in fact, an experienced publicist with strong media relationships won’t even need to send out many pitches. With those media relationships, he or she can simply contact an editor or influencer and ask if they’re working on anything where their client would be a fit. Since the editor or influencer has trust in the relationship, he or she will be more likely to give the client coverage.

Not only does the editor/publicist relationship help a client get more coverage – and make the publicist’s job easier – it’s also useful when a client is in a crisis.  If a client has gotten bad press, a publicist would be able to contact an editor they are close with to try and garner more positive coverage. These relationships are definitely essential when a client may be struggling. 

Building relationships takes time but taking that time to create meaningful relationships with media and influencers can not only help the client get press, but it can also lighten the workload of a publicist. In working with certain editors and influencers, a publicist can build trust with media and with their client.


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