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White Limozeen Case Study

GOAL: In the fall of 2019, BRND House was hired by Graduate Nashville to design and launch curated brand feeds for the property’s three food and beverage concepts. For the hotel’s rooftop restaurant, White Limozeen, the group sought to achieve a truly unique presence in the Nashville market, taking a fashion-forward approach that also incorporated vintage imagery and high-quality food and beverage images.

Photo by Digital Love Studio/Lisa Diederich

STRATEGY: BRND House began by establishing all handles, designing and outlining the social concept, planning and executing photo shoots, and laying a blueprint for a strategic content mix that checked all the brand’s desired boxes. Once the feed was launched, BRND House began actively engaging with local media, influencers, and celebrities to create anticipation and buzz surrounding the opening. Following the rooftop’s grand opening, BRND House served as an extension of the property’s customer service team, helping to respond to, and coordinate, an influx of messages and questions, reservation queries, and poolside bookings.

Photo by Digital Love Studio/Lisa Diederich RESULT: Through a design-forward and carefully curated approach, BRND House was able to achieve a high-quality and elevated experience across the rooftop’s feeds. User-generated content is not used across any platforms, to ensure that an upscale persona is constantly maintained. A strategic brand voice is implemented throughout the rooftop’s digital presence, helping to define and differentiate its personality and further tell the concept’s story. Through heavy curation and constant engagement, the rooftop’s Instagram following rose from 1,500 followers pre-opening to nearly 25,000 organic followers within one month. Through BRND House’s efforts, the restaurant has seen huge success across social media, with weeks-long waiting lists to secure a reservation, and demand continually maintained and growing.

Photo by Digital Love Studio/Lisa Diederich


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