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5 Lighting Accessories Under $20

Good lighting can make or break your photos and seriously transform the quality of your images. We can’t always have studio lighting or natural sun wherever we go, and although iPhones have come a long way with lighting settings and effects, sometimes you just need a little extra help. If you want to take your iPhone photography to the next level without breaking the bank, consider trying one of these five lighting accessories all under $20.

Clip It On, $9.99

This mini ring light can easily be attached to your phone, tablet, or laptop and instantly provide light perfect for selfies, Zoom meetings, or food photography. The compact device is powered by 2 AAA batteries and can illuminate your photos at three levels of brightness.

Portable Glow, $7.99

The Xenvo Glow Clip is clipped onto your phone and radiates a soft white light that is suitable for concerts, parties, bars, or clubs. Not only does this clip have adjustable brightness at 3 settings and is rechargeable with a USB charger for long-lasting use.

Illuminated iPhone Case, $18.99

Illuminated selfie phone cases are the hot new thing—they’re Kim Kardashian’s secret to killer selfies! We found one that we love on Amazon for less than $20. This rechargeable phone case is sure to up your selfie game and make every moment photo-worthy.

Remote Controlled Stand, $18.99

This 10-inch tripod boasts a powerful LED ring light as well as a clip for your phone. It can transition between white, warm white, and natural light and has 11 adjustable brightness settings. Not only that, it can rotate 360 degrees and is fully controllable with a Bluetooth remote. It is the ultimate video set up all at a great price point.

Stabilizer Video Rig, $19.95

If you’re looking to get into video content, this stabilizer will be your secret weapon. This video stabilizer mount will secure your phone and get smooth and steady shots that capture a unique perspective. You can also add lighting and microphone attachments to simplify the video production process.


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